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You won’t find the new saveurs de Noël macaron listed on the menu yet but if you ask nicely enough the staff at Ladurée NYC might be able to find some in the basement!

It is my new favorite macaron! The “Christmas flavors” are chocolate, candied clementine peel, cinnamon, star anise, and vanilla. The person who helped me at Ladurée today said it was “chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and calamansi” but I double checked in the holiday collection guide and it confirmed the first description (no calamansi). This delicious macaron is very rich, much like a brownie.


Here is a shot of two “Christmas flavors” macarons, two chestnut, one blood orange with ginger, and a hazelnut guimauve.


The new Christmas box, inspired by famous Indiennes of the 16th century.