I finally got to try Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen burger on Saturday at Smorgasburg! My friends and I got there at about 10:00AM and then got the burger at about 11:30AM. There were about 60 people ahead of us in line.

While we were waiting, a group of Japanese reporters interviewed Lisa. She jokingly said she drove all the way from Utah just to try the ramen burger. I hope I can find her interview online.

You can only buy one ramen burger per person and each person must be present. I was number 67.


The hamburger wrappers are really unique. They have pleats and kind of reminded me of a shower cap from a hotel.

Here is chef Keizo Shimamoto (in the backwards cap).

The grill wasn’t level so here are some of the staff members trying to fix it. I’m pretty sure they reserve the fatty drippings from the hamburgers to make the brown sauce that goes on top of the burger (along with scallions). Notice the long, long line in the background.

The ramen “buns” cooking on the grill.