Number 10: Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza The sharp, jagged edges of a Stouffer’s pizza will lacerate the soft palate of your mouth and the blisteringly hot cheese will cause second-degree burns.


Number 9: Nagaimo (Dioscorea opposita) Irritant oxalate crystals in the skin of this mountain yam can leave some people’s hands prickly and tingly. Soak the whole thing in a little bit of vinegar and water to reduce the irritation.


Number 8: Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia The common name for sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia is brain freeze. It happens when the capillaries near the sinuses are rapidly cooled and then warmed.

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Number 7: Chicharrones As we get older our teeth get more brittle. Be careful when you’re eating crunchy chicharrones because you might chip your teeth!


Number 6: Lemon juice in a hangnail Whatever you do, do not do a Google image search for “hangnail”.


Number 5: Putting in contacts after chopping jalapeño peppers One way to neutralize the stinging capsaicin from the peppers is to flush your eyes with milk.

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Number 4: Triangular Flapjacks The “texture and shape” of triangular flapjacks are dangerous enough to warrant a ban at a school in England! A student was injured by one of the mucronate corners of the snack.

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Number 3: Mochi Choking on these sticky rice cakes sends, on average, 100 people to the hospital every year in Tokyo alone. Some deaths have also been caused by elderly people choking on mochi served as part of zōni, a rice cake soup.

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Number 2: Xiǎolóngbāo Soup dumplings are one my my favorite foods but I always get burned by the piping hot liquid inside. The dumplings are filled with meat or seafood along with a gelatine made from broth and aspic. When they are steamed, the gelatine melts and becomes a delicious soup. If you don’t let the broth spill out onto your spoon first to let it cool, prepare for third-degree burns on your tongue.

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Number 1: Tortilla Chips The salty, rough edges of tortilla chips always slice open the corners of my mouth. Last night I accidentally swallowed a whole tortilla chip and it ripped open a giant gash in my esophagus!

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What are some food that have been painful for you to eat?